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 === 2. Free for research Licensed Unlabeled Data === === 2. Free for research Licensed Unlabeled Data ===
-Hungarian, Korean and Swedish:  +Hungarian, Korean and Swedish: (see General form above) 
 +=== 3. Openly Licensed Unlabeled Data === 
 +Note that at the exception of the French (based on the Est Republicain corpus, governed by the cc-by-nc-sa   licence) and Hebrew (cc-by-sa 4.0), the raw text of the wikidumps (German, Polish) is subjected to the cc-by-sa license. The status of their added annotations will be explicited shortly. 
 +French: [[|cc-by-nc-sa 2.0]] 
 +German,Polish: [[|cc-by-sa 3.0]] 
 +Hebrew: [[|cc-by-sa 4.0]] 
 +For further references, those precisions are included in the general form cited above. 
 ---- ----
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