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SPMRL 2013 Shared Task Paper Submission Format and Procedure

Format and length

Only electronic submissions (.pdf or .ps format only) will be accepted. Submissions must follow the two-column format of EMNLP 2013 proceedings and conform to the official EMNLP 2013 style guidelines; however, the submission for the SPMRLP 2013 Shared Task system description paper is NOT anonymous. Papers should be at most six (6) pages in length, including references. Papers from teams covering all languages can use two more pages if they wish to do so. We strongly recommend the use of the EMNLP 2013 LaTeX style files or Microsoft Word Style files from the EMNLP 2013 conference website.

The system description papers must describe the approach taken to perform parsing, and provide an informative analysis of the results. We encourage authors to include information on modifications they made in order to deal with the morphological characteristics of specific languages. The system description papers need not describe the shared task itself. This will be covered in the task description paper. The system description papers may report results of post-evaluation systems in addition to the official scores, as long as these results are marked as post-evaluation. Please report your official scores from the Results page.

For the definition of the shared task, papers should refer to the overview paper:


Address = {Seattle, WA},

Author = {Seddah, Djam\'e and Tsarfaty, Reut and K\“ubler, Sandra and Candito, Marie and Choi, Jinho~D. and Farkas, Rich\'ard and Foster, Jennifer and Goenaga, Iakes and Gojenola, Koldo and Goldberg, Yoav and Green, Spence and Habash, Nizar and Kuhlmann, Marco and Maier, Wolfgang and Nivre, Joakim and Przepiorkowski, Adam and Roth, Ryan and Seeker, Wolfgang and Versley, Yannick and Vincze, Veronika and Woli\'nski, Marcin and Wr\'oblewska, Alina and Villemonte de la Cl\'ergerie, Eric},

Booktitle = {Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Statistical Parsing of Morphologically Rich Languages: Shared Task},

Title = {Overview of the SPMRL 2013 Shared Task: A Cross-Framework Evaluation of Parsing Morphologically Rich Languages},

Year = {2013}}

Acknowledging treebanks

In addition to the Shared Task overview paper, we ask authors to cite the proper references to the datasets used to give their authors credit; if not for the original effort, then certainly for the effort they had to devote to the conversion (often non-trivial) from the varying treebank formats the nine datasets were originally in to the common Shared Task format. We'll provide an example paragraph covering all treebanks, meanwhile a bibliography file for latex can be found here:

Regarding Arabic, if you have worked on it, we kindly request that any paper using the Arabic dependency treebank cites the following papers:

(1) CATiB ACL 2009 paper


(2) CATiB MEDAR 2009 paper


Similarly for the constituency version which is based on the preprocessed version of the Stanford Team (S.Green and C.Manning).

(3) Stanford EMNLP 2010 paper


and the following for the original data.

(4) LDC ATB 2004 paper


A small paragraph like this will be fine:

We used the shared task Arabic data set, originally provided by the LDC \cite{maamouri04arabi}, specifically its (either or both)
- SPMRL 2013 dependency instance, derived from the Columbia Catib Treebank \cite{habash-roth:2009:Short,CATIB:MEDAR:2009}
- SPMRL 2013 constituency instance, following the Stanford preprocessing scheme \cite{green-manning:2010:PAPERS}
and extended according to the SPMRL 2013 extension scheme \cite{spmrl:st:2013}.

For Hebrew,please cite the following:

(1) The TAL paper:


(2) Reut's ACL paper:


If you used the dependency version, additionally cite:

(3) Yoav's thesis:


And if you used constitutents, additionally cite:

(4) Reut's thesis:



At least two reviewers will read your paper. We will select reviewers from the participants and from the organizers. They will check the format of the paper and compliance with the specific requirements as described above.

Submission site

All submissions will be handled by a separate SPMRL 2013 Shared Task track within the SPMRL 2013 START conference system submission site:

Authors need to make sure to select the “Shared Task” track form the submission menu.

Deadline: September 6, 2013

Final Camera-ready version of the paper

After incorporating changes based on the reviews, please use the START conference upload mechanism for submitting the camera-ready version of the paper. Please check back here for any last-minute hints regarding the final version of your paper.

Deadline: September 16, 2013

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