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How to Obtain Licenses and the Treebank Data Sets

Each treebank comes with its own restrictions and licensing requirements. For this reason, there are three different models for obtaining the treebanks. Please read this page all the way through; otherwise you may get only a subset of the data. 1)The Arabic Treebank is distributed by the LDC. 2) The French, Hebrew, and Hungarian treebanks require licenses, and 3) the Basque, German, Korean, Polish, and Swedish treebanks are freely available (partly under creative commons or GPL) for the shared task.

1. Arabic Treebank

The Arabic Treebank is distributed by the LDC. In order to obtain, please download the following license, fill it out, sign it, and fax it to LDC, attention: Ilya Ahtaridis, fax number +1 215-573-2175. Make sure that you include your email address! Alternatively you can also mail a signed scanned copy of the licence to (with object “[SPMRL 2013 Shared task] Arabic data set”). Please note that the Arabic data set is not yet available so please do not mail the LDC yet. You'll receive a mail through the mailing list when they'll be ready (next week as of June 6, 2013).

Arabic: arabicldclicense.pdf alternate download

2. Licensed Treebanks

For the French and Hungarian treebanks, fill out the following forms, sign them, scan them, and send them to We will then send you login information for the wiki page from which you can download the train and development sets. Do not send these licenses to the LDC!

French: frenchtreebank_license.pdf alternate download

Hungarian: hungarian.pdf alternate download


3.Treebanks Available without Specific License for Academic Use

The following treebanks are freely available for the shared task: the German, Hebrew, Korean, and Swedish Treebank.

The Basque Treebank is licensed under the Creative Commons license:

The Polish Treebank is licensed under GPL v3:

All these treebanks will be distributed with the licensed treebanks. In order to obtain them, fill out the following form, stating that you will use the data set only for the shared task, scan it, and send it to Do not send this form to the LDC!

general form: generalform2.pdf alternate download

How to Obtain The Unlabeled Data Sets

Most of the unlabeled data sets we use (at the exception of the French, Hebrew, German, Polish which are covered by the creative common license – cc-by-nc-sa– and Basque, specific research-only license) are subjected to the same license as their treebank counterparts.

For the shared task duration, All data, but Arabic, will be made available through the restricted access download page. The unlabeled arabic data will be made available via the account provided by the LDC. After the shared task, all free-licensed data will be made available.

In Case of Problems

In case of problems, contact If you cannot scan the licenses, we can provide a fax number.

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